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Retail Wholesale OEM


Each and every product manufactured by Special Systems and Technologies Group passes numerous tests and control procedures to maintain the highest degree of excellence and reliability, which is demonstrated by a variety of quality certificates as well as by the trusted trademark. Our flexibility allows any special engineering needs to be fulfilled with exceptional care and attention. We offer easy installation and maintenance instructions, however, should the customer encounter any problem or enquiry, we take it open ourselves to solve all issues related to the operation of our products during the lifetime period. Supporting and looking out for our partners is an important part of our superior performance as it ensures firm long-term relationships and demonstrates the reasons behind our strong trustworthy reputation.



International Standards and Certificates

Our Quality Management System ensures that our products are of the highest quality, which is proved by compliance with various international certificates.

Warranty Procedures

Our products’ lifetime guarantee is exceptionally high as we take care of every stage of design, manufacture and operation as a trusted full cycle company.

Special Engineering Needs

The team of expert qualified engineers and designers are always excited for a challenge and have already completed a number of complex projects set by our partners.


As we always keep our customers’ convenience in mind, ease of operation is an important notion we thrive to fulfill, and provide all possible help.