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Control modules WLS220V-DIN and WLCS12V-DIN


The control device is related to water leak control systems. It is designed to handle signals received from water leak sensors and sends a regulatory signal to the executive unit which shuts off water supply. It gives a light and audible alarm. Surface mounted. Designed for domestic and industrial use. DIN-rail mounting.

Technical data

Power supply 220 V ± 10 V, 50 Hz 12 VDC
Maximum load current 0,5 А
Power consumption not more than 0,2 W
Power consumption in standby mode not more than 0,5 W
Actuation time not more than 2 sec
Continuous operation time unlimited
Maximum number of SW water leak sensors to connect 10 pcs.
Maximum number of electric actuated ball valves to connect 8 pcs.
IP Protection level IP20
Dimensions L×W×H 86×70×58 mm
Weight not more than 250 g