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Water leak control systems and accessories


Water leakage control systems Neptune are designed for early detection and localization of water leakages in water and heating supply systems of flats, mansions, cottages, office buildings, trade centers and other premises. The system shuts off water supply until leaks are eliminated, and gives an audible and light alarm to alert the damage. The kits contain a control module, water leak sensors and electric actuated ball valves. There are 2 kit options: ½ and ¾ diameter valves. We offer kits, which are either wired or wireless. They allow to connect from 5 to 375 water leak sensors and from 2 to 6 electric actuated ball valves. Some systems are equipped with a backup power supply to remain operating in case of a power failure. Some work via a radio channel.

Water leak control systems

Control modules

A new generation control units are purposed for water leakage control systems. They are designed to handle signals from the wire and radio channel water leakage control sensors and send an actuating signal to the executive unit which cuts off water supply. They provide with a light and sound emergency alarm. Surface mounted. Purposed for domestic and industrial use. We offer modules, which allow to connect from 5 to 375 leakage control sensor units and from 1 to 6 electric driven ball valves.

Ball valves

Electric driven ball valves are designed for cutting off water supply in water and heating supply systems in case of water leakage. All the ball valves are rotated automatically once a month. The system is advanced secured: voltage is applied to the valves with water supply shut off only.

Water leakage control sensor

Water leakage control sensors produce a signal in case of water ingress on it and they are purposed for detection of an alarm situation. The sensor is connected to a safe power supply source and not dangerous when plate contacts are touched. Some of them are wireless and/or completely self-contained.