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Water system / Fittings and valves

To ensure watertight installation of systems based on the Neptun IWS corrugated tubes, we supply a wide range of original fittings. The Neptun IWS fittings are easily assembled and ensure strength and watertightness of joints.

The fittings are made of high-quality CW 617 N brass. The peculiarity of the fittings is the special design worked out by the SST, LLC specialists that enables to install the fitting on a tube in a matter of seconds.

The Neptun IWS fittings have all the required certificates. Thanks to high-quality materials used in the Neptun IWS fittings manufacture, they feature high degree of protection against dust and moisture, temperature resistance (to both high and low temperatures), resistance to sparks, rodent, mould and mildew resistance.

Internal design of Neptune IWS fittings

  1. Coupling nut
  2. Locking ring of stainless steel SS304
  3. Pressure ring of stainless steel SS304
  4. Sealing ring of organosilicon rubber(silicone)
  5. Fitting body
  1. Body
  2. Coupling nut
  3. Pressure ring
  4. Locking ring
  5. Silicone sealing ring
  6. Corrugated tube of stainless steel


Range of fittings for Neptune IWS corrugated tube products

Coupling Neptune IWS (F) 15 x 1/2
15 x 1/2 Nickel plated
20*3/4 Nickel plated
32*1 1/4
Coupling Neptune IWS 15*15 20*20 25*25 32*32
Elbow Neptune IWS with fixture 15x1/2 20*3/4
Elbow Neptune IWS 15*1/2 20*3/4 25*1
Tubing tee Neptune IWS (F) 15*1/2*15 20*3/4*20 25*1*25 32*1 1/4*32
Tubing tee Neptune IWS 15*15*15
Ball Valve Neptune IWS (М) 15 x 1/2
Ball Valve Neptune IWS (F) 15 x 1/2


Specifications of Neptune IWS fittings:


Parameter Standard fitting size
  15 А 20 А 25 А 32 А
Body and nut material Brass CW617N /ЛС59-1С
Body and nut plating material* Nickel
Thread size, inches ½" ¾" 1" 1 ¼"
Operating temperatures, °C from -50 to +150
Operating pressure, MPa 1,5 1,2 1 1
Short-time maximum permissible temperature, °С 150
Short-time maximum permissible pressure, MPa 5 4 3,5 2,5
Service life 30 years

*- the fitting parts may be plated or not