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Turkish bath/ SPA electric heater

Turkish bath/ SPA electric heater

Cable heating section based on series resistance cable for heating of Turkish baths and other objects where maintenance of surface temperature of up to 100 °C is required

Features and advantages

  • Delivery in form of ready heating sections equipped with couplings and installation wires
  • Linear heat output up to 40 W/m
  • Maintained temperature up to 100 °C (up to 180 °C upon request)
  • Suitable for application in explosion hazardous areas

The TOOE heating sections based o constant resistance heating cable SNKEO are specially designed for application in heating systems of floors, treatment beds and walls in Turkish baths. The sections also can be used in other heating systems where maintained temperature of up to 100 °С is required, including those in explosion hazardous areas.

The requirements for heating sections installed in Turkish baths don’t allow using of standard low-temperature cables. A peculiarity of the Turkish baths is that marble beds are normally used there for body heating, at that the temperature of these beds is raised up to 50–60 °С. In this case the heat output can reach 450 W/m 2 .

For such operating conditions, SST Company offers special medium-temperature heating section TOOE with linear output 25 and 40 W/m. Insulation and outer jacket of these sections are made of organosilicon rubber that enables sections to withstand temperatures of up to +180 °С. Due to single-conductor heating cables used, the sections are equipped at both ends with installation wired for power connection. The lengths of heating sections are specially adjusted to match typical bed sizes providing the required heat output.

Type of heating sections

Linear heat output: 25, 40 W/m
Operating temperature of heating conductor up to 180 °C
Maximum permissible temperature, de-energized 180 °С
Minimum installation temperature -30 °С
Supply voltage: 220–240 V (380 V upon requrest)
Insulation resistance not less than 1×10 3MOhm•m
Minimum bending radius in operation and storage 30 mm
Minimum single-bend radius 10 mm
Rated heating cable dimensions (diameter) 4,0–5,5 mm
Weight not more than 3,4 kg/100 m
Rated dimensions of installation wire КР 2×0,75 (diameter) 7 mm
Flammability flame-retardant
Insulation test voltage 1500 V
IEC 62395 mechanical strength M1
Ingress protection rating IP67
Operating lifetime 25 years

Parameters of TOOE cable heating sections based on SNKEO cables

Heating section ref.type Section’s heating part length, m Start output at +5 °C, W Rated output, W Heating section resistance at +20 °C, Ohm
40TOOE2 (SNKEO 5,5-180)-0150-020-7-3 15 587 587 78,3–90,8
40TOOE2 (SNKEO-10-180)-0100-020-7-3 10 440 440 95,0–110,0
40TOOE2 (SNKEO-23-180)-0070-020-7-3 7 301 301 153,0–177,1
25TOOE2 (SNKEO 5,5-180)-0180-020-7-3 18 480 480 94,0–108,9
25TOOE2 (SNKEO-10-180)-0130-020-7-3 13 337 337 123,5–143,0
25TOOE2 (SNKEO-23-180)-0090-020-7-3 9 232 232 196,7–227,7

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Turkish bath/ SPA electric heater