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Green Box Agro

Green Box Agro Green Box Agro Green Box Agro

Long ago specialists working in greenhouse facilities, farmers and amateur gardeners noticed that temperature of the ground in a greenhouse is one of the most important factors influencing crop yield.

Green Box Agro system allows the customers to increase their labor productivity due to a prolonged period of greenhouse work. Installation of the Green Box Agro soil heating system in your greenhouse makes it possible:

  • to start transplanting in greenhouses earlier irrespective of onset of the warm season;
  • to remove the danger of transplants subfreezing;
  • to ensure perfect conditions for crops in case of adverse climatic conditions (cold summer);
  • to extend the cropping season of the warm-weather crops at early seasonal temperature fall.


For example:

Cucumber is one of the favorite vegetables in Russia. But it is a frost-sensitive warm weather crop, especially within the flowering and fruiting time.

It is known that cucumbers are growing at night time, and temperature fall in the night even up to 18°C lowers fruiting. Long-term temperature fall to 10°C and below leads to growth retardation of cucumbers, their roots begin to die off.

In central Russia, low night temperatures are most likely in May-June and also in August.

That’s why heating the ground in greenhouses, especially in the period of low temperatures at night, contributes to timely formation of plants, sets and fruits of cucumber and prolongs its fruiting season, which works toward increasing crop yield compared to when heating is not applied.

System component parts

Similarly with “Warm floor” systems, Green Box Agro soil heating system is delivered as:

Heating section 14 GBA packed in a handled box – individual package.

Thermostat ТР 600 for control and maintenance of the preset ground temperature, in a packing box – individual package.

It is recommended to sell the heating sections together with the thermostat.

Let’s consider consumer properties of the heating sections 14 GBA and the thermostat ТР 600:

Heating sections used in the Green Box Agro system have a number of design advantages:

  • Two-core cable structure ensures the ultimate protection against electromagnetic fields due to their inter-compensation and simplifies the section’s connection to power (via thermostat);
  • Cable screen provides safety earthing;
  • Cable jacket for outdoors is resistant to mechanical pressure as well as to the influence of moisture and fertilizers.

It is recommended to use the mean value of power not higher than 100 W per 1 sq.m. for heating fertile soil.

The range of heating sections Green Box Agro includes ready-made solutions for heating areas from 2 to 15 square meters:

Heating section ref. type Heating cable length, m Resistance tolerance range, Ohm / section Output, W Recommended heated area, m2 Recommended laying pitch, cm
14GBA-200 14,0 227,9 - 264,0 200 2 14
14GBA-300 21,5 145,8 - 168,9 300 3 14
14GBA-400 29,0 109,6 - 127,3 400 4 14
14GBA-500 34,0 85,7 - 99,5 500 5 15
14GBA-650 44,0 66,0 - 77,3 650 6-7 15
14GBA-815 56,0 53,8 - 62,8 815 8 14
14GBA-980 67,0 44,2 - 52,3 980 10 15
14GBA-1150 79,0 37,9 - 44,3 1150 11-12 15
14GBA-1480 103,0 27,7 - 31,7 1480 15 15

It is recommended to use the mean value of power not higher than 100 W per 1 sq.m. for heating fertile soil.

Green Box Agro

TP 600 Thermostat

Green Box Agro

TP 600 thermostat has a user-friendly control interface, it is cased in a sealed enclosure in order to operate in the humid microclimate of hothouses.

The device ensures maintenance of the soil temperature preset by the user using a remote temperature sensor.

The thermostat’s enclosure is dust- and moisture-protected with protection degree IP56. The heating is monitored using one pushbutton.

Supply voltage 220 V
Maximum load current 16 A (3.5 kW)
Consuming power 450 mW
Weight 350 g
Overall dimensions 140x135x65 mm
Protection degree IP56
Protection class II
Temperature sensor (TST02) NTC 6.8 kOhm
Sensor installation wire length 2 m
Permissible ambient temperature from +5°C to +40°C
Permissible relative air humidity 80%
Temperature control limits from +18°C to +27°C

Delivery kit :

  1. ТР 600 Thermostat
  2. Temperature sensor TST 02
  3. Technical certificate. Installation and Operation Instruction.

System installation

  1. Remove a soil layer (about 40 cm).
  2. Apply a sand layer (5 cm), pour water on it and tramp.
  3. Lay the mounting mesh, lay out the heating section into a "snake" shape with a laying pitch according to the data from Table 1. Fix the coils of section on the mesh by using plastic cable ties in such a way as to exclude the cable movement after the laying out is performed.
  4. Install the temperature sensor inside the installation tube.
  5. Apply a sand layer (5 cm), pour water on it to exclude air cavities in the layer. In order to avoid any damage to the cable jacket, using crushed stone and gravel is not allowed.
  6. Lay the zinc-plated close-meshed reinforcement or masonry mortar mesh to protect the cable from damages by diggers and other garden tools.
  7. Apply the fertile soil layer 20-30 cm.
  8. If you purchased the thermostat TP 600 to control the soil heating system, mount the thermostat and connect it to the power network according to the User’s manual that is included in the delivery kit.
Green Box Agro