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Concrete heater

  • effective and cost-efficient method of concrete heating at low temperatures
  • possible to carry out monolithic concrete works all year round
  • acceleration of concrete setting
  • stable power and equal heating without boiling and wires burn-out
  • simple installation and connection
  • no electric transforme
  • optimal line of sections
  • high mechanical resistance of the cable
  • bestfor columns, beams, technological grouts


The heating cable is laid on the carcassof an object to be concreted. After concreting in a timbering, a cable is con-nected to electrical network. The KDBS cable, demonstrating its heating features, dries theconcrete in time required, according to the operation requirements and sizes of theconcrete construction. After drying, the cable is disconnected from the supply network, ends are to be cut and it is left inside a concrete construction.


The KDBS section consists of a double-core cable connected with an installation wire by using a con-nection coupling. On the other side, the section has an end coupling. Couplings ensure the connection hermeticity.

Single- and multi-wire cores made of various materials and alloysInner insulation – polyethylene composition

Screen – copper drainage core and aluminized polyethylene tape Outer jacket – PVC-plastic

Technical data

Power supply ~220-240 В
Rated power (in established mode) 40 W/m
Insulation resistance 10³ МОhm*m
Minimum installation temperature -30 °С
Minimum bending radius at storage 150 mm
Rated size of heating cable (diameter) 5-7 mm
Length of installation wire 2 m
Minimum distance between heating cable passes 60 mm
Ingress protection rating IP67

Type of heating sections

Section’s ref. type Length of heating unit, m Starting power ofsection, W Rated power of section, W Resistance of section at +20°С, Ohm
40KDBS-10 10,0 440 400 104,5-121,0
40KDBS-20 20,0 910 800 50,5-58,5
40KDBS-53 53,0 2250 2120 20,4-23,7
40KDBS-82 82,0 4080 3280 11,3-13,1
40KDBS-100 100,0 5120 4000 9,0-10,4
40KDBS-150 150,0 7680 6000 6,0-6,9

Ordering information

Cable heating section 40KDBS-53, where 53 – length of heating unit in m