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Single-core, armored

TSOE-Single core heating cable, armored

Heating section based on wire armored cable with outer jacket for heating of stairs, open areas, roads, flat roofs, gutters, water drips


Heating sections TSOE are designed for heating of objects where cables may be exposed to mechanical and corrosive effects in course of construction or operation of such objects, and are used for:

  • prevention of ice formation on roads, ramps, stair steps in open area deicing systems;
  • heating of straight large size gutters, roof edges, long water drips, snowretaining devices in roof de-icing systems;
  • heating of football fields and sport grounds;
  • floor heating in large-size premises such as shopping arcades and exhibition halls, religious buildings in warm floor systems;
  • heating of bottom part of industrial refrigerators’ base to prevent ground freezing and floor lifting in freezing chamber;
  • ground heating in hothouses, greenhouses, conservatories to reap more early and abundant harvest;
  • pipelines and vessels heating in areas, where both mechanical and corrosive protection of the heating elements is required;
  • floor heating systems of pumping facilities in oil and gas industry.


  • Operating temperature up to 90 °С
  • Linear heat output up to 25 W/m
  • Enhanced corrosive stability due to polymer outer jacket
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved thermal stability due to considerable mass of the metal armor and low thermal resistance
  • High stability to transversal and longitudinal mechanical loads
  • Operating voltage 220–240 V (380 V upon request)
  • Can be used in explosion hazardous areas
  • Wide linear output range of standard heating sections: 20 W/m (for roof de-icing), 25 W/m (for open areas de-icing), 10 W/m (for ground heating in greenhouses), 5 W/m (for ground heating in freezing chamber)
  • Sections with nonstandard output are available against customized design project or individual order

Technical data

Supply voltage 220–240 V (380 V upon request)
Linear heat output 5–25 W/m
Minimum installation temperature -30 °С
Maximum permissible temperature, de-energized +90 °С
Minimum bending radius at storage 150mm
Minimum bending radius at installation 35 mm
Insulation resistance not less than 1×103 MOhm•m
Flammability flame-retardant
Insulation test voltage 3750 V
Rated heating cable dimensions (diameter) cable dimensions (diameter) 5,9 mm
Weight not more than 7,1kg/100m
Rated dimensions of installation wire BU 2×1,5 (thickness × width) 4,3×7,1 mm
Ingress protection rating IP67
Operating lifetime 25 years
IEC 60800 mechanical strength M2

Ordering information

TSOE-Single core heating cable, armored

Warranty period

3 years from the date of sale