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Double-core, 30 W/m


Cable heating section for heating of water drainage system and individual elements of building’s roof, as well as for open areas heating


Cable heating sections MHT are designed for use in roof de-icing systems preventing ice mound formation in drainpipes, gutters and at other places where its appearance is probable. The sections also can be used in open areas heating systems; in this case they are installed directly in cement-sand solution, tile fixing solution or ready-mix concrete.


  • Linear heat output 30 W/m
  • Wide range of section lengths available (from 7,5 to 160 m) allows to lower expenses for the power supply part of the heating system
  • Fluoropolymer insulation withstands temperature up to 200 °С
  • Operating temperature on the outer jacket up to 90 °С
  • Simple installation due to twoconductor cable design (one-end section powering)
  • Delivery to a site object in form of ultrareliable products equipped with couplings and installation wires, ready to immediate use

Technical data

Supply voltage 220–240 V
Linear output: 30 W/m
Maximum permissible duration temperature +90 °C
Minimum installation temperature –30 °C
Minimum bending radius at operation and storage 150 mm
Minimum permissible single bend radius 35 mm
Insulation resistance not less than 1×103 MOhm•m
Heating cable diameter 5,5–7,0 mm
Installation wire diameter NUD 3×1,5 8,0 mm
NUD 3×2,5 9,1 mm
Ingress protection rating IP67
IEC 60800 mechanical strength class M2
Insulation test voltage 1500 V
Flammability flame retardant
Weight not more than 7,2 kg/100 m
Operating lifetime 25 years

Ordering information


Warranty period

3 years from the date of sale when the product is used in roof de-icing systems.

5 years from the date of sale when the product is used in open areas heating systems (the sections are installed into a screed).