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Roofs & Driveways, Double core heating cable



  • Heat output is automatically adjusted in response to the pipe temperature variation
  • Ready-to-use unit
  • Operating voltage 230 VAC
  • Double-core heating cable


Froststop Pipe Plug & Play Lite is the heating section based on double-core heating cable that maintains the required pipe temperature during the whole cold season ensuring its proper and reliable operation.

The heating section consists of a segment of double-core heating cable equipped with 2-meter cold lead with electric plug at one end and with end termination coupling at the other end. Bimetal thermostat is installed in the connection coupling.

The factory made connection and end termination couplings are reliable and tightly sealed.


Cost effectiveness

The heating section Froststop Pipe Plug & Play Lite features low power consumption, reliable protection of water supply and sewerage lines against frost and damage, and prevention of condensed moisture creation on the pipe and therefore it extends the service life and reduces repair and operational costs.

Easy installation and power connection

It is easy to install heating section Froststop Pipe Plug & Play Lite on the pipe. Simply fix the heating tape to the pipe and plug it in the electrical outlet.


Application Installation
Open Area Concrete (Sand embedding)
Roof Under Hot Asphalt (short time)
Gutter & Drain pipe Open (UV resistant)
Freeze Protection    

Ordering information

Technical data

Rated voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Linear output ~15–18 W/m
Temperature range *  
 switch on +5 °C
 switch off +15 °C
Maximum operation temperature +90 °C
Minimum operation temperature –30 °C
Minimum storage temperature –30 °C
Minimum installation temperature –20 °C
Minimum bending radius at installation 30 mm
Cold lead length 2 m
Schuko plug type CEE 7/4
IP protection level IP67
Cable colour Light blue

* bimetal thermostat (included in the connection coupling)

Product references

Type Length, m Power, W
ETM-2.0-33 2 33
ETM-4.0-60 4 60
ETM-8.0-120 8 120
ETM-12.0-180 12 180
ETM-14.0-215 14 215
ETM-18.0-245 18 245
ETM-19.0-265 19 265
ETM-25.0-365 25 365
ETM-36.0-600 36 600
ETM-48.0-790 48 790
ETM-61.0-1010 61 1010