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Heat-tracing, DIN rail mount

PT 300 - Heat-tracing DIN rail mount

Electronic temperature controller for fixed temperature maintenance including maintenance of positive temperature inside the control cabinets

Features and advantages

  • Maintenance of a preset temperature with no additional adjustment
  • The recommended setting for temperature maintenance inside the control cabinets is: +12 °C ... +15 °C Other ranges (from -55 °C to +125 °C) are available by order
  • Indication of heating state and power supply availability
  • Keeping the preset parameters in a non-volatile memory as long as necessary even if electric power is off
  • Supply voltage 220 VAC 50 Hz
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Electric control and power parts of the device are separated
  • There are normally closed (NC) and normally opened (NO) relay contacts

PT-300 controller is used with pipeline heating systems as well as with de-icing systems and for ensuring of positive temperature inside the control cabinets.

Technical data

Operating temperature +5 °С...+45 °С
Maximum relative air humidity (at 35 °C) 80 %
Power supply 220 VAC (+10%/-15%), 50 Hz
Maximum permissible load current through relay contacts 8 A
Temperature maintenance range (to be indicated at ordering) -55 °С ...+ 125 °С
Weight 100 g
Overall dimensions 35×90×68 mm
Ingress protection rating IP20
Temperature sensor in use* TST04

Function of contacts

(contacts position is shown in the normal state with disconnected power supply)

PT 300 - Heat-tracing DIN rail mount

Operation features

The controller is programmed to maintain a fixed temperature at manufacture and does not require any adjustment at its installation and operation.

Switch ON/OFF button allows switching off the heating system any time when its operation is not required.

PT 300 - Heat-tracing DIN rail mount

Warranty period

2 years after the date of sale

Ordering information

1. Electronic temperature controller PT-300.

2. Temperature sensor: TST04-2,0-P (from -55 °С to 60 °С) where 2,0 is the sensor installation wire length (m).