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Roof/ driveway heating, built-in

PT 140 - Roof and driveway heating Built-in

Easy-to-use and safe temperature controller for small de-icing systems

Features and advantages

  • Energy saving by switching the electrical heating ON only within the set-up temperature range from +5 °С to -15 °С
  • Flush mounting
  • Device switching ON/OFF
  • Settings for operating temperature range
  • Intuitive and user-friendly heating control
  • LED indicator of ON condition

The temperature controller is designed to control low-power outdoor de-icing systems for surface heating and is used jointly with heating cable sections and mats.

The temperature controller operates by the information received from the one air temperature sensor which is outdoors mounted at the protected against direct sunlight place. At the temperature below +5 °С, the device switches the heating ON and at the temperature below the set up one at the range from -15 to 0 °С, the heating switches OFF as far as the ice formation is scarcely probable in this case.

Depending on a level of humidity, precipitation, linear power of laid heating sections, the temperature, at which the heating switches OFF, is set up. This is necessary to avoid the ice formation under a mantle of snow in case of the abundant snowfall and low temperature, when the heating section power is not enough to melt all the dropdown snow.

Besides, such control allows to optimize the use of de-icing system, that in the end leads to the energy cost saving.

Technical data

Maintained temperature from -15 °C to +5 °C
Operating temperature from +5 °C to + 40 °C
Saving settings when the power is OFF 12 months
Power supply 220 VAC (+10%/-15%), 50 Hz
Maximum admissible load current through relay contacts 16 A
Ingress protection rating IP20
External air temperature sensor (included) NTC 1 kOhm
Length of sensor connecting cable 2 m, 4 m
Weight 90 g
Overall dimensions 80×80×52 mm
Color white
Mounting type flush

Connection diagram

Diagram of the temperature controller ТР 140 connection to a three-wire electrical power network

PT 140 - Roof and driveway heating Built-in PT 140 - Roof and driveway heating Built-in

Warranty period

2 years from the date of sale