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Thermal pastes - SILARM

A paste for improvement of heat contact between heating elements and objects to be heated.

  • Decreases transition thermal resistance by several times
  • Reduces heat loss at active heating
  • Operating temperature range from -60 °C to +200 °C (SILARM-81) or + 180 °C (SILARM-3)
  • Protects steel surfaces against corrosion
  • Equalizes thermal field of the heating object
  • Available in 600 ml foil tubes or up to 5 liter cans


Typical example of application

SILARM is laid by means of pistol and filling knife (spatula) for improvement of heat contact between a tube to be heated and a tubular heater or heating cable.


Heat conducting paste SILARM is designed for ensuring effective heat transfer from heating elements to the object to be heated in such applications as heating of pipelines, vessels and other constructions operating in temperature range from -60 °C to +200 °C (SILARM-81) or 180 °C (SILARM-3).

Principle of operation

SILARM has high thermal conductivity. Being laid on the contact area it fills gaps between the heater and the heated surface that improves sufficiently heat exchange in the system. Using the paste prevents overheating of the heating element.


SILARM is available in two modifications - vulcanizing and nonvulcanizing. SILARM-3 is non-vulcanizing single-component paste of white color with high viscosity, so that it does not stream down from vertical surfaces. It accurately fills any cavities and gaps.

SILARM-81 is vulcanizing two-component paste of white color with vulcanization period from 4 to 24 hours and high heat stability.

In vulcanized condition, SILARM-81features high dielectric properties.

Any additional sheath is not needed after the paste is applied, for keeping shape and physical properties of thermal bridge created. Thermal insulating materials can be installed immediately above the paste layer.

Resistance to jumps in temperature

SILARM is resistant to low ambient temperatures up to -60 °C and to high temperatures up to +200 °C /180 °C and also to temperature jumps within this range. This ensures stable operation of heating system at temperature cycling.

Easy to use

SILARM-3 is available in foil tubes 600 ml in volume. The paste is extruded from the tube to the surface to be heated by means of special pistol.

SILARM-81 is delivered as a set: The component No.1 (in cans up to 5 liters in volume) is completed with appropriate quantity of catalyst agent. After mixing of components, SILARM-81 is applied to a surface to be heated by spatula.

Safety and reliability

All components of SILARM are absolutely safe and nontoxic, they don't send off substances hazardous to health. Routine production practice ensures sustained performance of the product.

Long-lived unit

Technological effectiveness of the production and high quality components guarantee the life time of the paste not less than 10 years.

Main properties

Modification SILARM-3 SILARM-81
Number of mixed components 1 2
Proportion of components - 1:100
Lifetime of components' mixture, h - ≥1
Vulcanization time, h non-vulcanized 24
Heat resistance, °C 180 200
Cold resistance, °C –60 –60
Thermal conductivity, not less than, W/mK 0,8 0,7
Density, not less than, kg/m3 2,5 2,3


The manufacturer delivers every required for using the paste SILARM: pistols, user's manuals.


10 years