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Max exposure t up to 250C°, up to 200 W/m


  • maximum operating temperature – up to plus 250° С
  • maximum rated heat output – up to 200 W/m
  • possibility of factory manufacturing in sections
  • possible to use in explosion hazardous areas
  • possible to use in aggressive environments


The medium temperature heating cables SNO, SNOE, SNOEO are designed for heating pipelines and accessories, tanks, vessels, other capacities, technological equipment and for operation as a part of heatingequipment and devices, including those in food and chemical industry.In some cases this type of cables can be applied as a replacement of standard tubular electrical heaters. Application of these cable types is usually marked by a more uniform distribution of the required power.The cables SNO, SNOE, SNOEO are irreplaceable if operating in aggressive environments (acid solutions and alkalis).


Conductors - single- and multi-wire made of various materials and alloys, inner insulation and outer jacket - fluoroplastic films, screen – braiding of copper tin coated wires

Design versions:

  • SNO – insulated conductor
  • SNOE - braided insulated conductor
  • SNOEO - braided insulated core with outer jacket

The medium temperature cables SNO can be supplied both by pieces of any length and in form ofready heating sections with installation wires and silicone couplings.

Technical data

Maximum operating temperature +250 °С
Minimum operating temperature -40 °С
Minimum installation temperature -25 °С
Insulation resistance not less than 1*103 МОhm*m
at temperature above +5 °С 5 rated diameters of wire
at temperature below +5 °С 10 rated diameters of wire
Rated diameter of cable 1,5 - 3,5 mm

Range of heating cables

Cable ref.type Power of section, W Factory length, m Resistance of section, Ohm
SNOEO 1×0,30f 245,7 10 187,2 - 216,7
SNOEO 1×0,50f 426,7 16 107,8 - 124,8
SNOEO 1×0,63n 623,2 22 73,8 - 85,4
SNOEO 1×0,80f 730,7 24 62,9 - 72,9
SNOEO 1×1,00f 942,9 29 48,8 - 56,5
SNOEO 1×1,20f 1157,3 34 39,7 - 46,0