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Max exposure t up to 600C°, mineral insulated

Mineral insulated high temperature heating cable with metal casing for heating of pipelines, vessels and process equipment.

  • High mechanical strength
  • High chemical stability
  • Easy installation
  • Supplied as ready-made sections
  • Supply voltage up to 660 V
  • Thermal stability up to +600 °C
  • Explosion and fire safety


Purpose and application field

Heating cable MIC is designed for heating of pipelines, vessels and process equipment in the temperature range from -50 to +600 °C in safe and explosion hazardous zones as well as in corrosive environment.

Heating cable MIC can be used in oil processing, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and many others. Correct calculation of the electrical heating system power output makes it possible to use the cable in a wide temperature range.

The cable is supplied as ready-made sections. The section consists of the heating cable, connection couplings, installation wires, cable entries and flexible installation wires.


Heating cable MIC is an effective and reliable tool in case high operating temperature maintenance together with high heat liberation are required (e.g. bituminic plants and pipelines heating).

Due to high heat resistance of the magnesium oxide insulation MIC cable can be used where outer jacket temperature reaches 600 °C.

MIC cable has an excellent mechanical strength and high corrosion stability it is fire-resistant and safe in operation; it can be used in corrosive environments and explosion hazardous zones.

Casing versions

Maximum heat stability up to 200 °C
Cupronickel alloy
Maximum heat stability up to 400 °C
Inconel or stainless steel
Maximum heat stability up to 600 °C


  1. Avoid cable self-overlapping to prevent its overheating.
  2. Installation manual should be strictly followed.

Technical specification

Operating voltage up to 660 V
Insulation resistance 103 MOhm
Maximum heat resistance up to 600 °C
Maximum maintenance temperature up to 450 °C
Earth leakage current 3 mA / 100 m
Minimum installation temperature –60 °C
Minimum bending radius 6 outer diameters

Resistance to corrosive environments

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