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Connector SNF MF

Connector for SNF heating cables

  • High mechanical strength and reliability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Chemical stability
  • Operating temperature up to 220 °C
  • Explosive safety
  • Supply voltage up to 380 V



Connector SNF MF is intended to connect medium temperature heating cables SNF with the installation wires as well as to connect the heating cables to each other.


The connector design ensures reliable operation of the heating section. The connector body is made of strong thermoplastic material able to withstand temperature up to 220 °C.

Installation of the connector is quick and does not require special tools.

Heat shrinkable tubes secure electrical protection.


high-temperature thermoplastic
high-temperature thermoplastic
Collet sleeve
aluminum alloy
organosilicon rubber
Heat shrinkable tube

Design versioins

SNF MF-03-01-1
Connector designed to connect heating cables and installation wires less than 4 mm2 in cross section and to connect two cables.
SNF MF-05-00-1
Connector designed to connect heating cables and installation wires over 4 mm2 up to 10 mm2 in cross section.
SNF MF-05-01-1
Connector designed for connection of the heating cables 6 and 10 mm2 in cross section and for repair thereof.

Technical specification

Maximum permissible temperature (de-energized) 220 °C
Minimum installation temperature -60 °C
Maximum cross section of the Installation wire conductor up to 10 mm2
Supply voltage up to 380 V
Maximum current SNF MF-03-01-1 up to 50 A
SNF MF-05-00-1 up to 90 A
SNF MF-05-01-1 up to 100 A
Marking 1Exe IIC T2...T3 GbX
Protection rating IP 66

Connector type vs types of the series resistance electric heating cables snf and installation wires snf

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