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Single channel, 2 sensors

Electronic temperature controller for pipeline heating systems

  • Automatic regulation of heating power depending on ambient air temperature and heated surface temperature
  • Saving up to 40% of electric energy due to efficient control of the heating system
  • Thermal process control capability within the temperature range from -200 °C to +1100 °C at an accuracy of ±0,5 °C
  • Conversion of heating system based on series resistance cables to self-regulating cable
  • Automatic adjustment to heat capacity of an individual heated surface
  • External sensors can be placed at max. distance of 100 m
  • Automatic pipe (or other heated surface)overheating or over-cooling protection with forced heating switch ON or OFF
  • Keeping the preset parameters in a non-volatile memory as long as necessary even if electric power is off
  • Supply voltage 230 VAC 50-60 Hz
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Actual air and pipe temperature indication on a LC-indicator
  • Signaling on emergency and abnormal situations
  • Easy installation and adjustment


Connection diagram


PT-410 electronic controller is designed for temperature measurement and pre-set temperature maintenance control. Its application range includes industrial electric heating of pipelines, vessels, various volume capacities, etc. Also domestic application of the controller is possible for heating of pipes and vessels. The device ensures a possibility of temperature measurement by means of measuring sensors of thermal resistance type.

Principle of operation

Output device control logic ensures optimal heating maintenance process. The temperature maintenance method is “proportional type control”. The user sets a controller performance characteristic by entering two temperatures and percentages of the total system output corresponding to them (-10 °C, 100 % and +80 °C, 10 % in an example shown below). The controller calculates its temperature-power curve basing on these data:

Then the device is automatically switched to the temperature stabilization mode. As a result, the pipe temperature is kept within the preset range irrespective of changes in ambient air temperature with energy consumption being as low as practicable.


The controller features high temperature measurement accuracy together with high interface immunity of the temperature measurement channels. Thanks to the above, the device may be conveniently used when the sensors are placed within a distance of up to 100 m, up to 8 sensor types may be used.


The device is used stationary, along with ambient air and heated object temperature sensors (optionally, at discretion).

During the device installation it is necessary to input lower and upper limits for the temperature maintenance range using 4 control buttons located on the front panel. These settings are enough for normal operation of PT-410 controller.

Convenience of use

The built-in display facilitates the device readings and adjustment. Four control buttons located on the front panel provide user friendly interface.


The controller’s construction provides its installation in a control cabinet. The device is designed for DIN-rail mounting (4 modules).


100% of the devices pass factory tests. The preset parameters can be stored in the device non-volatile memory.


Temperature control rage from -200 °C to +1100 °C*
Temperature measurement accuracy 0,5 %
Temperature indication accuracy 0,1°C
Control channels number 2 channels:
– air temperature measurement channel R1.
– surface temperature measurement channel R2.
Output relay channels 2 channels:
– control channel. Relay K1.
– redundancy channel. Relay K2.
Analog output DC voltage: 0...10 V
Types of temperature sensors used** The sensors are defined by the parameter W100***. Type 0 - Pt100, | W100 = 1,3850 (-200 °C … +850 °C);
Type 1 - Cu100, | W100 = 1,4260 (-50 °C … +200 °C);
Type 2 - Cu100, | W100 = 1,4280 (-200 °C … +200 °C);
Type 3 - Cu50, | W100 = 1,4260 (-50 °C … +200 °C);
Type 4 - Cu50, | W100 = 1,4280 (-200 °C … +200 °C);
Type 5 - Pt50, | W100 = 1,3850 (-200 °C … +850 °C);
Type 6 - Pt100, | W100 = 1,3910 (-200 °C … +1100 °C);
Type 7 - Pt50, | W100 = 1,3910 (-200 °C … +1100 °C);
Maximum relay current 16 A, 230 VAC. (control relay and emergency relay).
Operating temperature from +5 °C to +40 °C
Enclosure protection grade IP20
Power supply 230 VAC -15%/+10%, 50–60 Hz
Consuming power not mote than 5 W
Mounting option in control cabinet DIN-rail, 4 modules
Overall dimensions 70x90x66 mm
Weight: 300 g

* Depends on the type of the temperature sensor used.
** Not included in the delivery kit, should be ordered separately.
*** W100 – ratio of sensor’s resistance at 100 °C to its resistance at 0 °C.


Warranty period of operation – 1 year after the date of sale.

Ordering information

Electronic temperature controller PT-410.
Temperature sensor (resistance thermometer, 1 pcs for each measurement channel).
The sensor type to be clarified at ordering.