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Wifi 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen

Programmable thermostat with a touch screen and WiFi module

MCS 350 allows for heating systems control both directly by the device touch display and by using MCS 350 application installed in the smartphone. The heating systems remote control is effected by Wi-Fi network directly from the smartphone with installed MCS 350 application or via domestic Wi-Fi router.

MCS 350 is designed to control:

  • electric underfloor heating;
  • water heating systems*;
  • heating boilers;
  • radiators.


  • Control of operating heating systems with a smartphone via the WiFi network
  • Free application MCS 350 for mobile devices
  • Programming 24/7
  • Two temperature sensors: air and floor temperature
  • Possibility to connect up to 32 MCS 350 thermostats to one network
  • Energy saving up to 70%

System operation scheme

Technical data

Power supply voltage 220 V, 50-60 Hz
Maximum load current 16 A
Power consumption 450 mW
Weight 150 g
Dimensions 90×90×41 mm
Protection rating IP21
Protection class ||
Remote floor temperature sensor NTC 6.8 kOhm
Sensor cold lead length 2m
Operating temperature from +5 °С to +40 °С
Allowable relative air humidity 80 %
Temperature control range from +5 °С to +45 °С
Color white
Warranty 5 years


Free application MCS 350

windows store

Delivery kit

  • Thermostat MCS 350
  • 2 temperature sensors
  • Technical certificate
  • Operation manual