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Single-core heating mats

Cable Design

Single-core heating cable MH


  • The best solution for premises with low ceilings
  • Cost and energy saving system
  • Wide range of power outputs
  • Approved long-life performance
  • Self-adhesive mats
  • Easy installation



The MH heating mat is applied as a supplementary system for comfortable floor heating. The system can be easily laid into a thin tile adhesive layer (8–10mm). The system can be used under any covering of your choice: tile, marble or carpet. It is applicable for all types of premises and can be easily installed both on a new surface or on the existing floor in case of repair works, especially when it is highly important to keep a low thickness of the floor construction.


The single-core heating mat MH is made of a shielded single-core cable fixed on a fiber mesh. The MH heating mat is fitted up with cold leads and reliable couplings. Thanks to the cable fixation on the self-adhesive mesh – there is no need to adjust the wire spacings and to fix the cable on the floor surface.


Application Installation
Direct heating Mortar
Comfort heating Tile Adhesive layer

Technical data

Rated voltage 230 VAC
Power 100, 150 W/m2
Maximum operation temperature 80 C
Minimum operation temperature -10 C
Minimum storage temperature -20 C
Minimum installation temperature -10 C
Installation width 0,5 mm
Cold lead length for 100 W/m2 4 m+4 m till 3,9 m2 4 m+8 m from 4,4 m2
Cold lead length for 150 W/m2 4 m+4 m till 3,9 m2 4 m+8 m from 4,4 m2
Cable Diameter 3,58–4,05 mm