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Single-core heating cable

Cable Design

Single-core heating cable NO


  • Maximum cost and energy saving
  • Wide range of heating cable power outputs
  • Wide range of application possibilities
  • Long-life performance
  • Easy handling



The TLOE heating sections are applied as a basic heating system in thermally insulated buildings when it is impossible to use a central heating system. These systems are excellently applicable for installation in screeded floors and can be used under any covering of your choice: tile, marble or carpet.


The single-core heating cable section TLOE consists of a shielded heating cable with one core, two couplings and two cold leads. The TLOE heating sections are used in combination with thermostats. Therefore the consuming power of the system will be less than the installed power (up to 70% in winter and about 10% in spring and in autumn).


Application Installation
Direct heating Mortar
Comfort heating Tile Adhesive layer

Technical data

Rated voltage 230 VAC
Power 14-16 W/m
Maximum operation temperature 80 C
Minimum operation temperature -10 C
Minimum storage temperature -20 C
Minimum installation temperature -10 C
Minimum bending radius 30 mm
Cold lead length 2 m
Cable diameter 5,5–6,3 mm