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The Special Systems and Technologies Company Group offers an extensive range of indoor electrical heating and all related products made in accordance with the international standards.

Underfloor heating is an economic and highly practical way to provide thermal comfort and maintain even heat distribution throughout the room. These systems have low installation costs and may be easily installed in a short period of time. They are suitable for all types of premises: rooms, children’s rooms and offices. This heating system is compatible with a full scope of floor coverings.

Durability is a hallmark of our underfloor heating systems. It is ensured not only due to their protection from environmental influence, but also due to the highest production quality of components and innovative technologies. Warm floors are absolutely safe. They are produced in full conformity with European Quality Standards. Being the manufacturer — we secure the highest factory warranties for our products. Other products from our assortment will help you to create a comfortable, safe and healthy environment at your home.

Heating Mats

Heating Mats

Heating mats are the best solution for premises with low ceilings. It is a cost- and energy-saving system with approved long-life performance, which is available in a wide range of power outputs and in four ways of cable attachment. The heating mats are easy to install, operate and control, ensuring simple, convenient and safe use.

Double-core heating mats (MHH), Double-core needled heating mats (MHH-N),Double-core heating mats with aluminium foil (FMD)

Heating Cables

Heating Cables

The range of heating cables provides solutions for use both as supplementary heating and as a basic heating system in thermally insulated buildings when it is impossible to use a central heating system. All heating cables are completely electrically safe. The heating cables are ecologically compatible and allow for maximum cost- and energy-saving. A wide range of application possibilities and heating cable power outputs adds its benefits to long-life and easy performance.

Double-core heating cables (TLBE), Ultra-thin double-core heating cables (GB)



Our range of indoor thermostats includes analogue thermostats, thermostats with a display, programmable thermostats, two-zone thermostats and our innovative control equipment such as thermostat with a built-in Wi-Fi module and programmable digital thermostat with touch-screen control.

SE200, TP510, TP515, TP520, TP111, TP711, TP721, TP730

Portable heating

Heated floor mats

The undercarpet heater is designed as a mobile solution for rapid local heating. It is best for rented apartments, country homes and office lounges as it requires no installation – you simply plug it in and it warms up evenly within a few minutes.

The heated carpet for shoes may be used for delicate shoe cleaning and drying and feet warming. You can prevent dust and mud entering the house and keep your shoes dry, therefore increasing their durability and look. Your feet can be comfortably warm wherever you need it – the carpet is convenient and small so it could be transported anywhere easily.

The heated carpet for drivers “Autoluxe” is especially designed for protection against the body’s exposure to cold and for creating comfortable operation conditions and people’s rest in cold period when out of car passenger compartment.

Under carpet floor heating mats, Electric carpeted floor warmer, Heated carpet mats for outdoor use

Bathroom Solution

Bathroom Solution

In this section we offer various systems of different purposes to complete the line for creating exceptional comfort in the bathroom. The following products allow for easy and convenient local heating, dehumidifying and temperature maintenance.

Mold prevention system, Mirror demister, Glass towel heater Flora, Towel keepers

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