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Best Price Guarantee – Now And Always

  • Owned production requires no additional charges when the quality remains high.
  • Owned R&D drives innovation and utilizes the latest technology aimed to increase cost and energy savings.
  • Sustainable Relationship With Suppliers makes it possible to maintain low price level.
There are always and now especially best prices for you (in view of the situation in the world market)

Strong Business Reputation With Us

  • Ethical Sourcing is an important focus of our overall corporate efforts. Our procurement program works with all our business segments and their suppliers.
  • Quality Management Program administers corporate policies, procedures and operating requirements to achieve the highest quality and safety objectives and commitments.
  • Right-On-Time Delivery thanks to the strong supply chain management and 250-dealler network around the world.
  • Inventory Management includes Warehouse Management System and over 3,000 m2 storage facilities to guarantee the prompt and accurate packing of the order.
There are strict requirements for the materials used in production.

Reliable Partner- Reliable Supplier

  • 25+ years of delivering a full range of high quality solutions and services for residential, commercial and industrial heating applications. The number of companies that trust us steadily goes up.
  • Customer Service is always available for both B2B-partners and end users (B2C).
  • Quality Responsibility. Numerous reference letters, test reports, expert assessments, and certificates of conformity are available to justify compliance with national and international applicable requirements.
  • Prompt Production makes it possible to get any amount of products within at 2 weeks.

Reliable supplier

Remain UNIQUE with us! Any OEM or ODM product under your business name for 8 weeks only 

  • In-House R&D. You order- We make it.
  • Test facilities to perform quality and safety checks and provide a specific working sample.
  • Quality Assurance to confirm the compliance with national and international applicable requirements, and any additional demands specified.
  • In-House Creative Design Bureau.  Advertise with us! We are happy to create bespoke packs, booklets, leaflets or any POS materials for you.
  • Design Workshop to build any model, including a working one, for your showroom
Remain unique. It is possible with us!

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