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Discover more BENEFITS for DIY Stores and Suppliers

  • 25+ years of Experience in working with DIYs.
  • Clear Understanding of the business cases.
  • Individual Contractual Terms.
  • Right-On-Time Delivery.
  • Inventory Management to guarantee an accurate shipment within 7-10 days from order date.
  • Extensive Range Of Products to fit any heating need and budget.
  • Products’ High Quality And Safety justified by corresponding certificates of conformity, expert assessments, and test reports to meet national and international applicable regulatory standards.
  • Any Model, POS Material, Leaflet Or Booklet to create and deliver.
  • Training Seminars, Courses And Tutorials for merchandisers.
  • Customer Service
  • A line of “Full Packaged Products” to boost traffic building and increase your average basket size.

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